Is it possible to secure my art collection in Switzerland?

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Is it possible to secure my art collection in Switzerland?

In reality, none of the risks mentioned above are covered by Swiss insurance for personal or content purposes. Paint that falls from the wall or table and is severely damaged is defined as "self-injured", which is not compensated for in the basic content policy. The value of the stolen sculpture of the house will only be compensated if the insurance company has not fully recorded it with a quote or a recent invoice and photographs. Fine art damaged or stolen during the transportation is considered "outside" of the home, so the basic insurance policy does not cover it.

The art collector is often not insured against the many risks to which his fine arts are exposed, this is often due to the lack of information; unfortunately, the consequences can be catastrophic in the event of a disaster.

Owning, maintaining and protecting unique, precious and often culturally important works of art requires good advice and a Swiss insurance contract specializing in the fine arts.

Fine Arts Insurance Switzerland

Therefore, if you have valuable art in Switzerland, you should protect it with a separate policy designed to cover the specific risks to which your collection is exposed. You must know how to manage the fluctuating market value of fine art to avoid receiving an insufficient payment in the event of a claim as the value of your collection increases. You have to take into account the risks that are and are not covered in your house and when transporting your pieces, how to defend yourself against theft and art trafficking, how to pack your works of art for transport and where and where you don't show them. It all looks like details, but if you don't follow the basic guidelines, your loss will not be fully compensated, or worse, it will not be compensated at all. By talking to a fine art insurance expert in Switzerland, you will understand why a Swiss fine art insurance plan is the only way to protect your fragile and precious works of art.

If you are an experienced art enthusiast or a beginner in this exciting field, risk management is an integral part of the collector's life. By protecting yourself by properly covering your precious collection, you will be prepared for uncertain events and to be prepared in the event of a claim.

A Swiss fine arts insurance contract must include the following benefits and services:

  • Advice on restoration and conservation methods.
  • Safety management tips
  • The ability to provide you with an expert who can provide you with a reliable assessment or estimate of the value of each item in your collection.
  • All protection risks of at least CH'5000- for accessories such as skirting boards, frames and facades, as well as for packaging.
  • Advice on proper transport methods and materials and packaging techniques to avoid poor compensation and unpaid claims.
  • The possibility of transporting collections worldwide combined with temporary cover outside the home or the main risk location for at least 12 months
  • Admission to the "International Art Loss Registry"
  • Wall-to-wall protection during transport.
  • A temporary cover option for new acquisitions which must be valid for at least 30 days for your convenience and for a value of at least 20% of the value of the existing contract.
  • All protection risks cover damage, loss, theft, destruction, and vandalism.

There should be no maximum or minimum limit for insurance coverage. The priority is to ensure that the amount corresponds to the replacement value of the part or parts to be protected. This amount will be based on the amount you paid and/or a professional appraisal or estimate. The amount accepted by the insurance company and the policyholder becomes the "agreed value".

Since Swiss fine art insurance is based on this "agreed value", it is flat rate insurance. This means that the policyholder must ensure that each party is accurately valued at the current replacement value for the duration of the contract. Since the market value of fine art fluctuates, it is recommended to regularly evaluate the pieces so that they will never be compensated below in the event of a claim.

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